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DPus is a free gdi and memory leak detection software.

You can see this four types of resources :

* GDI Leaks
* DC Leaks
* Memory Leaks (allocated by malloc, VirtualAlloc and GlobalAlloc)
* Your custom type of leaks (assuming you export functions that alloc and free something - see doc. page)

You will be able for each resource to view the callstack of the resource allocation, the allocation parameters, and the source file and line number where the allocation occured. You can also dump the allocated buffers and see directly GDI objects drawn in the DPus window in order to find quickly what is leaking in your program...

You will be able to easily group and sort resource by any criteria (creation time, handle value, callstack sequence, creation order, etc). When the view is sorted, a color code is attributed to each of the group created by the sort process).

Its purpose is to inspect process behavior by spying finely choosen API calls that the process make.

Having this calls instrumented, DPusDLeak module can show you every resource that a process get. And more than that, you can discover all the resource allocations you missed to release in developpement stage !

This version is the first one and is FREE !!! There will be enhancements very soon and the soft will be kept free as many time as possible.

DPus and its website are under development so this version can be considered as a beta one.

Here are the link for the installer program.

Mail me for a bug, a suggestion or whatever at my mail.

Thanks !

last update 22/04/2011