Welcome to Jukebox Selecta Documentation
  I hope the first moments will be easy to handle !
    All the datas are stored in the 'jukebox.db' file, you can give this file to a friend to show him your audio files !
  Drop a directory, or use the 'Add dir' button.
  When it is finished, hit the 'Refresh' button, the view will be populated with your audio files...
  Columns are moveable, you can also drop them away if you don't need them.
  Instant search filters the view with only matching items. The matching fields are gently hilighted.
  You can sort by all columns (there is three states : ascendant sort, descendant sort, no sort).
  While the list is focused, you can type a search string, and then use F3 and SHIFT+F3 to navigate throught results.
  Using the left and right arrows allow to specify the browsed column.
  You can select several items by dragging the mouse, or using SHIFT and CTRL keys.
  You can drag the selection to any player (WinAmp, FooBar2000, ...) to add the selection to your player's playlist.
  You can also drag the selection to Explorer in order to copy the files in a directory.
  Use the right-click to see the different possibilities...
  You can amend database and retag mp3 files.
  You can refresh a selection with right-click then 'Update selection from titles'. Jukebox Selecta will re-read tags.
  You can modify ID3 tags by right-click then 'Edit ID3 tag...'.
  Since some information as Marker, NbListen are not stored in ID3 tags, only the data base knows this informations.
  You can alter those informations by right-clicking and then : 'Mark as listened now', 'Reset listening informations', 'Edit group...' or 'Marker...'
  Picture view  
  You can click on the left-bottom picture zone to create a sizeable window always on top.
  To allow a faster startup you can click the 'SaveIDX' button when all data are indexed (the message is 100% of.... in the left top corner).
  If you experience problem with matching or sorting, then erase the index with the 'DeleteIDX' button.
  S/H Filter  
  This button allows to hide or show the left pane.
  Exports the current view in a 'View.txt' file. This file can be imported with the 'ImportView' button.
  = experimental for now =
  Copy your 'iTunes Music Library.xml' in the Jukebox Selecta directory and press this button.
  Listening informations and marker fields will be imported from your iTunes database.
  The filter pane allow to browse the data base.
  You can add a custom playlist by double clicking the 'New Playlist...' line.
  A dialog box will appear asking you the playlist name and the associated expression. It can be for example :
  "nbListen>0 or mark>0 or popularity>0" will give all titles that have been marker, listened, or popularitized (ID3 tag)
  "(genre=Rap or genre=hip or genre=hop) and nbListen<=0" will give all non listened titles with a genre matching 'rap', 'hip' or 'hop'
  You can modify or remove a playlist by right-clicking on it.
  By clicking the 'Settings' button you can show or hide the settings panel.
  Window Title : sets the window title of this database
    Accepted extensions : a ';' separated list of accepted extensions. Only .mp3 files are parsed for ID3 tag information.
    Columns order : you can use the column name, separated with ',' to store the list layout.
    RootReplace : you can use the syntax XXX=>YYY to replace the beginning of the file path. This can be useful when moving the hard disk drive letter, or translating a database to a network location (C:=>\\HostWithAShare\SharedMusic)
  I know this documentation is very cheap. If you have questions, I will try to anwser at this mail.
  Having your comments or suggestions may be useful, please send them to Webmaster