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WiBrain is a free software that acts as a Post-It on the windows desktop.

It makes saving, organizing and synchronizing your internet links, notes, files, pictures very easy.

It is by default in reduced mode on the left side of the screen and pops up when the mouse crosses over.

You'll just have to drop links, files, text or pictures from wherever into WiBrain,

or to use the well-known copy-paste...


With the textual search, you can find an item very very fast. The search zone is put on the right of the buttons, in order to have a fast access to it and to speed-up user answer.


WiBrain and its website are under development so this version can be considered as a beta one.

But the stored data format is fixed, and thereby there will be no problem to upgrade from one version to a newer one. In case WiBrain crashes, there will be a spare saved configuration on the disk


Here are the links for the executable and the installer program.

Mail me for a bug, a suggestion or whatever at my mail.

Thanks !

dernière mise à jour le 22/04/2011