Welcome to Jukebox Selecta, beta version...
    Current version : v0.8.9 - Download
  What ?  
    Jukebox Selecta is a mp3 file index and tagger software that allow you to manage easily audio files
    weither they are online or not.
    There is a fast access full-text index running when Jukebox Selecta is on that allow you to search
    instantaneously the music you want to listen.
    You can view hierarchy between titles.
    You can view and search items by their attributes (by album, by year, by file path, etc...)
    You can insert selected titles in the Winamp queue by doing a right-click.
    You can drop any MP3 to any MP3 player by drag dropping them, naturally
    Jukebox Selecta manages successfully tag update, and can event modify picture informations.
    Approximatively all image format are supported.
View some screenshots here...
The documentation is being written here (very alpha stage)
    As Jukebox Selecta is still in development it isn't bug safe, and the database structure can be led
    to change... Nevertheless the indexation is fast (20 minutes for 30000 files) so :
Why not having a try ?
    Having your comments or suggestions may be useful, please send them to Webmaster