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2006/01/09 Reduced size in sleeping mode, so that WiBrain is more discrete.
2005/12/12 In the settings window you can activate a timed save (configuration will be saved every 5 minues, in case Wibrain crashes).
2005/11/28 The zoom in the main view is saved across runs (Ctrl+Mouse Wheel).
2005/11/25 In the preview zone you can now switch with the Word wrap mode.
If you use Firefox, the dropped links take the title of the web page.
2005/11/23 You can now drag an item from WiBrain to any other application ! very cool...
2005/11/19 Auto scroll when dragging a file, a link, etc...
2005/11/12 Fixed bug with tooltip grabbing focus and with search that opens every folder.
2005/11/10 Added text color, size and style functionalities in the preview zone, have fun !
2005/10/22 Fixed bug with drag and drop (dragging the wrong item).
Backup file management (14days trigger, more than 7 days files are deleted).
2005/10/14 When renaming, clicking outside the item validates the changes.
2005/10/04 All documentation is translated into english, and in pdf format.
Cleaned layout of the search zone, it might be slighty more visible on all desktops.
2005/08/07 Option to display or not the little stars around the items when they are often used.
WiBrain wins the "100% CLEAN" award on Softpedia.
2005/08/06 Documentation is now in English with the Installer package and on the synchronisation site.
2005/05/26 Added a little rectangle around the tree when the tree is focused.
In the main tree, you can type F3 to begin a search.
In the main tree, you can type TAB to set focus in preview window.
For the search zone, you can use TAB to put focus on the tree.
For the search zone, you can use ESC to reset the search field and put focus on the tree.
Fixed bug : crash when everything is deleted.
2005/06/24 Search zone right against the button, to find an item really really faster ! (will be user-friendlyed...)
2005/06/08 Added first version of the documentation in pdf format (go to Documentation page).
2005/06/01 Register as a desktop bar in MiniBar mode (still have problem if the task bar is docked on the left).
2005/05/23 Fixed bug : sometimes not saving when logging-off.
2005/05/19 New options in context menu : Rename and Delete.
2005/05/11 Added latency to open window, latency parameter is in Settings window.
2005/04/27 Can now use standard Web browser of force IE in Settings window (when opening url).
Added a button that links to this site.
2005/04/25 Added CTRL + N shortcut that creates a new empty text element.
2005/04/22 Use of password on the synchronisation service, you have now to register a user on WiBrain site (Synchronisation Service site)
An inline documentation is provided on WiBrain site
2005/04/17 Synchronisation service is born : used to synchronize items when switching home and work (BETA)
Customizable color, by element (right-click, then Properties...)
Stars appearing next to more used elements (in order to see more clearly)
Properties for each element (right-click, then Properties...).
Right and left arrow keys to open/close preview window.
2005/04/10 Can upload/download items by HTTP.
The site grows up...
2005/04/08 Can upload/download items by FTP.
To be done...
Alert plugin.
Plugin SDK publication
Automatic items synchronisation, by the web.
Automatic upgrades...
Textual search in the tree
Bug fixes...
A good 'how-to'...

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