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2006/01/10 Fixed : Added CreateDIBSection that was forgotten...
2005/12/23 Fixed another bug. No the program should not crash (if it does please send me a dump file), but if you have the resources sorted in the view it may crash because I think I have some problem with the underlying AVL implementation...
2005/12/22 Reimplemented some of the leak finder core. My Outlook successfully get my mails while hooked...
2005/10/25 Added : all is sorted with an avl (thanks to libavl), resulting in a faster ui !
There is still weird bugs I am working on. Especially in multithreaded progams, or with network...
2005/10/05 One can now drop an executable file to spy it before it begins to run : no initialization leak can be missed !
2005/10/03 HeapReAlloc added
Fewer locks (critical sections)
You can add you own resource type, it is listed in 'Custom hooks' resource type... see the file customHooks.txt that is now delivered with the installer to understand how that works. A documentation will come soon...
2005/09/30 More bug fixes...
2005/09/26 New presentation for the resource type lists. One can view statistics about, and can activate or mark indivdually each of the resource types by clicking on the buttons in the list
Bug fixes, should be slower but safer... (optimization come soon ;))
2005/09/26 Added Registry key resource type in the deleaker
Memory blocks created with HeapAlloc are now spyied
2005/09/25 Selected item is hilighted
Direct view of time used for resource creation
Checkbox to have ResourceLeak always on top
Resources can be sorted
Resources can be sorted by the callstack at creation time
Resources are grouped with a color code, for example if you sort the resource list by 'createdBy' column, the list will be sorted by callstack order, and you will see a color for each of the different call sequences to resource creation functions... (it is very usefull to see that a number of resource where created by the same call sequence)
2005/08/25 Focus and TAB key...
2005/08/19 Few bugs corrected
HANDLE type is now deleaked (CreateFile,CreateEvent,CloseHandle,...).
Find button in DPus.exe makes possible to find a process PID by clicking on its window.
customHooks.txt file can be added in order to find your resource type leaks !!!
2005/08/11 Can dump allocated buffers (malloc, GlobalAlloc, VirtualAlloc).
2005/08/07 First publication of light version of DPus.
To be done (and here in the next/higher versions)...
Better resource visualisation.
Customizable configuration to inspect more resource types (user types).
Starting a process in order to see EVERY start allocations.

last update 22/04/2011